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Get the most effective product line, which includes Orange 13 Pigment Powder, Yellow 12 Pigment Powder, Pigment Orange 13 Powder, Pigment Red F4R, etc.
We, at Naysha Chemical Industries, have a lengthy history of providing a top-notch range of chemicals utilized in many different key industries. Since we began doing business in the year 2020, we have developed into a recognized manufacturer and supplier of a distinctive range of chemical goods. We provide Pigment Red Violet 31 Powder, Pigment Blue 15-0 Powder, Pigment Green 7 Powder, Orange 13 Pigment Powder, Red Violet 31 Pigment Powder, Pigment Red F4R, Alfa Blue Pigment Powder, and many more highly effective products. Upon the completion of the production process, we make sure that all products are checked to meet the highest quality requirements. Additionally, a variety of specialized industries such as paints, printing inks, plastics, textiles, rubber, and others frequently use our products.


Since we are a manufacturer of chemicals, quality has always been one of our top priorities. At every stage of the process, from the procurement of raw materials to the development of products, we ensure that the highest quality standards are upheld. Moreover, we ensure the following to maintain the highest quality standards:

  • We consistently source finest quality raw materials from reliable market vendors.
  • We ensure that all our goods comply with the highest quality norms.
  • We make use of high-quality packing materials for safe transportation of products.
  • We have a dedicated quality control team to efficiently manage all operations.

Research and Development

To stay ahead of the competition, our company puts a lot of time and efforts into research and development. As a result of our continual research on the newest industrial developments, we are able to manufacture a unique range of products including Pigment Blue 15-0 Powder, Orange 13 Pigment Powder, Alfa Blue Pigment Powder, Pigment Red Violet 31 Powder, Pigment Green 7 Powder, Red Violet 31 Pigment Powder, etc. In addition to product development, we conduct research on the customer expectations, pricing of similar products, our competitors, and many other factors. Collectively, we have always remained competitive in the chemical industry thanks to our ongoing research work.

Infrastructural Set-Up, Our Machinery & Warehouse

We are supported with a modernly constructed infrastructural set-up. In our infrastructure, machinery of newest technologies are installed which are used to process top-notch products. We also have a largely spread warehouse as a part of our infrastructure, in which the manufactured products are securely stored.
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